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Iowa Flood Mitigation Board

The Flood Mitigation Board was created by the Iowa General Assembly and signed into law (Iowa Code, Chapter 418) by Governor Branstad in 2012. The board is charged with creating a flood mitigation program for Iowa. This program will allow certain governmental entities to submit flood mitigation projects to the Board for review and possible approval for funding. The funding will come from either sales tax increments or funds appropriated by the General Assembly.

The Board itself is composed of four members from the public, six members from state agencies, as well as four ex-officio members from the General Assembly.

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Flood Recovery Fund

The Iowa Flood Mitigation Board has distributed $36 million from the Flood Recovery Fund for critical recovery and redevelopment projects in communities impacted by the devastating floods of 2019. The Board distributed a $15 million legislative appropriation in September 2019, followed by an additional appropriation of $21 million in February 2020.
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Beginning fiscal year 2024 and continuing through fiscal year 2028, $5 million will be allocated annually to the Levee Improvement Fund. Any community benefiting from a levee, including levee districts established pursuant to chapter 468, and subject to levee assessments, are eligible applicants under this program. Based on program requirements, awards are anticipated to begin in state fiscal year 2025 (7/1/2024 – 6/30/2025).

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John Benson (Chair) Iowa HSEMD (State Government)

Jodi Freet (Vice Chair)

Roby Smith, Treasurer of Iowa (State Government)

Kayla Lyon, Iowa Dept. of Natural Resources (State Government)

Mary Mosiman, Iowa Dept. of Revenue (State Government)

Debi Durham, Iowa Finance Authority (State Government)

Michael Naig, Iowa Dept. of Agriculture & Land Stewardship (State Government)

Eric Giddens (D), Iowa Senate (Iowa General Assembly)

Tom Shipley (R), Iowa Senate (Iowa General Assembly)

Norlin Mommsen (R), Iowa House (Iowa General Assembly)

Charlie McConkey (D), Iowa House (Iowa General Assembly)

Sami Scheetz (D), Iowa House (Iowa General Assembly)

Paul Assman (Public)

John Erixon (Public)

Vicki Stoller (Public)

Flood Recovery Fund Documents & Reports

NEW 2020 Flood Recovery Fund Applications (PDF)


Confidential information in these documents has been redacted due to Iowa Admin. Code r. 191-2.11.

Benton Township
Fire Station Application  NEW
Benton Washington Levee District
Application NEW
City of Buffalo
Centralized Flooding Application – Deferred
Elm Street Basin Application – Approved: $211,021.00
Buffalo Elm Street Basin FRF Closeout Report NEW
Coulthard Levee District
Application – Approved: $4,427,965.00
City of Council Bluffs
Application & Property Acquisition – Approved: $342,540.00
City of Davenport
Modern Woodmen Park Application -Deferred
Updated Modern Woodmen Park Application NEW
Updated Water Pollution Control Plant Application NEW
Fensler Drainage District
Application – Approved: $76,848.90
County of Fremont & City of Hamburg
Knox Road Housing & General Housing Application – Deferred
Updated Knox Road Housing & General Housing Application NEW
County of Fremont
Buyout Local Match Application – Approved: $15,954.05
Debris & Asphalt Repair Match Application – Approved: $38,025
Updated Debris & Asphalt Repair Match Application NEW
Secondary Roads Application NEW
City of Glenwood
Municipal Utilities Application – Deferred
City of Hamburg
Levee Drainage Pumps Demo Application – Approved: $1,100,000.00
City of Harlan
Lift Station Application – Deferred
Updated Lift Station Application NEW
Honey Creek Drainage District #6
Application – Approved: $651,519.30
L-594 Pleasant Valley Levee District
Application – Approved: $862,000.00
Wabonsie Levee District Application – Approved: $809,915.00
Missouri River LB Bartlett Segment Application – Approved: $804,350.00
Updated Missouri River LB-Bartlett Segment Application NEW
Missouri River LB Miller Sturgeon Application – Approved: $652,650.00
Miller Sturgeon DD Closeout Report NEW
City of LeClaire
Updated Generator Application NEW
Lorimor Drainage District
– Approved: $733,300.00
Counties of Mills & Pottawattamie (M & P)
Levee District Application Planning
– Approved: $279,149.00
Missouri River Levee District Application – Approved: $1,709,474.00
Updated Missouri River Levee District Application NEW
County of Mills & City of Pacific Junction
Long Term Housing Recovery Application – Deferred
Counties of Mills & Fremont Drainage District
Application – Approved: $1,465,000.00
Missouri Valley Drainage District
Application NEW
Mule Slough/West Benton Drainage District
Application NEW
City of Muscatine
Floodwall Application NEW
County of Muscatine
Buyout Local Match Application – Deferred
New St. Mary’s Drainage District
Application – Approved: $685,500.00
New St. Mary’s DD Closeout Report NEW
Noble’s Lake Drainage District
Application – Approved: $51,089.55
Pigeon Creek #2 Drainage District
Application – Approved: $206,100.00
Pigeon Creek #8 Drainage District
Application – Approved: $8,400.00
Plattville Drainage District
– Approved: $425,700.00
Updated Application NEW
Pony Creek Drainage District
Application – Approved: $1,152,300.00
County of Pottawattamie
Application & Property Acquisition – Deferred
Rand-Peterson Levee District
Application NEW
County of Sac Drainage District
– Approved: $42,403.50
Scott County EMA-Genesis Medical Center East
Application – Approved: $417,375.00
Scott Drainage
Application NEW
Vanman Levee District
Application – Approved: $3,369,106.70
Watkins Drainage District
Application – Approved: $465,500.00


2019 Flood Recovery Fund Applications (PDF)


City of Davenport

Project Plan
Project Plan Drawing
Flood Event Dates & Damages
Flood Photos
History of Flooding

Deferred: $454,230.00

City of Fredonia

Application & Project Plan
Flooding Analysis
Flood Photos
Fredonia Closeout Report NEW

Approved: $135,550.00

City of Hamburg-Buyout

Application & Documents

Approved: $940,856.55

City of Hamburg-Levee

Application & Project Plan
Maps & Drawings
Supporting Documents & Images

Approved: $6,356,324.20

City of Hornick

Application & Project Plan
Flood Photos
Maps & Drawings

Approved: $2,071,708.00

City of Pacific Junction

Amended Application

Approved: $3,153,638.25

County of Mills

Application & Project Plan
Amended Application

Approved: $2,341,923.00

County of Muscatine

Application & Project Plan
Engineering Report
Assessor Report
Demolition-Damage Inventory
Parcel Map
Statement of Voluntary Transaction

Deferred: $157,750.00

Vanman Levee District

Application & Project Plan

Deferred: $2,000,000.00

Sales Tax Increment Application Documents (PDF)


City of Burlington
Executive Summary

Approved: $26,200,000

City of Cedar Falls
Executive Summary

Approved: $6,625,000

City of Cedar Rapids
Executive Summary

Approved: $269,411,016

City of Coralville
Executive Summary

Approved: $9,769,000

City of Council Bluffs
Executive Summary

Approved: $57,000,000

City of Des Moines & Metropolitan Wastewater Reclamation Authority
Executive Summary

Approved: $111,100,273

City of Dubuque
Executive Summary

Approved: $98,494,178

City of Iowa City
Executive Summary

Approved: $8,497,249

City of Storm Lake
Executive Summary

Approved: $4,083,060

City of Waverly
Executive Summary

Approved: $5,647,004

Sales Tax Increment Progress Reports (PDF)



04/30/2023 Burlington Progress Report NEW
10/31/2022 Burlington Progress Report
04/30/2022 Burlington Progress Report
10/31/2021 Burlington Progress Report
04/30/2021 Burlington Progress Report
10/31/2020 Burlington Progress Report

04/30/2020 Burlington Progress Report
10/31/2019 Burlington Progress Report
04/30/2019 Burlington Progress Report
10/31/2018 Burlington Progress Report
04/30/2018 Burlington Progress Report

Cedar Falls

04/30/2023 Cedar Falls Progress Report NEW
10/31/2022 Cedar Falls Progress Report
04/30/2022 Cedar Falls Progress Report
10/31/2021 Cedar Falls Progress Report
04/30/2021 Cedar Falls Progress Report
10/31/2020 Cedar Falls Progress Report
04/30/2020 Cedar Falls Progress Report

10/31/2019 Cedar Falls Progress Report
04/30/2019 Cedar Falls Progress Report
10/31/2018 Cedar Falls Progress Report
04/30/2018 Cedar Falls Progress Report

Cedar Rapids

04/30/2023 Cedar Rapids Progress Report NEW
10/31/2022 Cedar Rapids Progress Report
04/30/2022 Cedar Rapids Progress Report
10/31/2021 Cedar Rapids Progress Report
04/30/2021 Cedar Rapids Progress Report
10/31/2020 Cedar Rapids Progress Report

04/30/2020 Cedar Rapids Progress Report

10/31/2019 Cedar Rapids Progress Report
04/30/2019 Cedar Rapids Progress Report
10/31/2018 Cedar Rapids Progress Report
04/30/2018 Cedar Rapids Progress Report


04/30/2023 Coralville Progress Report NEW
10/31/2022 Coralville Progress Report
04/30/2022 Coralville Progress Report
10/31/2021 Coralville Progress Report
04/30/2021 Coralville Progress Report
10/31/2020 Coralville Progress Report

04/30/2020 Coralville Progress Report

10/31/2019 Coralville Progress Report
04/30/2019 Coralville Progress Report
10/31/2018 Coralville Progress Report
04/30/2018 Coralville Progress Report

Council Bluffs

04/30/2023 Council Bluffs Progress Report NEW
10/31/2022 Council Bluffs Progress Report
04/30/2022 Council Bluffs Progress Report
10/31/2021 Council Bluffs Progress Report
04/30/2021 Council Bluffs Progress Report
10/31/2020 Council Bluffs Progress Report

04/30/2020 Council Bluffs Progress Report

10/31/2019 Council Bluffs Progress Report
04/30/2019 Council Bluffs Progress Report
10/31/2018 Council Bluffs Progress Report
04/30/2018 Council Bluffs Progress Report

City of Des Moines & Metro Wastewater Reclamation Authority

04/30/2023 Des Moines Progress Report NEW
10/31/2022 Des Moines Progress Report
04/30/2022 Des Moines Progress Report
10/31/2021 Des Moines Progress Report
04/30/2021 Des Moines Progress Report
10/31/2020 Des Moines Progress Report

04/30/2020 Des Moines Progress Report

10/31/2019 Des Moines Progress Report
04/30/2019 Des Moines Progress Report
10/31/2018 Des Moines Progress Report
04/30/2018 Des Moines Progress Report


04/30/2023 Dubuque Progress Report NEW
10/31/2022 Dubuque Progress Report
04/30/2022 Dubuque Progress Report
10/31/2021 Dubuque Progress Report
04/30/2021 Dubuque Progress Report
10/31/2020 Dubuque Progress Report

04/30/2020 Dubuque Progress Report

10/31/2019 Dubuque Progress Report
04/30/2019 Dubuque Progress Report
10/31/2018 Dubuque Progress Report
04/30/2018 Dubuque Progress Report

Iowa City

10/31/2021 Iowa City Progress Report
04/30/2021 Iowa City Progress Report
10/31/2020 Iowa City Progress Report
04/30/2020 Iowa City Progress Report
10/31/2019 Iowa City Progress Report
04/30/2019 Iowa City Progress Report
10/31/2018 Iowa City Progress Report
04/30/2018 Iowa City Progress Report

Storm Lake

04/30/2023 Storm Lake Progress Report NEW
10/31/2022 Storm Lake Progress Report
04/30/2022 Storm Lake Progress Report
10/31/2021 Storm Lake Progress Report
04/30/2021 Storm Lake Progress Report
10/31/2020 Storm Lake Progress Report

04/30/2020 Storm Lake Progress Report

10/31/2019 Storm Lake Progress Report
04/30/2019 Storm Lake Progress Report
10/31/2018 Storm Lake Progress Report
04/30/2018 Storm Lake Progress Report


04/30/2023 Waverly Progress Report NEW
10/31/2022 Waverly Progress Report
04/30/2022 Waverly Progress Report
10/31/2021 Waverly Progress Report
04/30/2021 Waverly Progress Report
10/31/2020 Waverly Progress Report

04/30/2020 Waverly Progress Report

10/31/2019 Waverly Progress Report
04/30/2019 Waverly Progress Report
10/31/2018 Waverly Progress Report
04/30/2018 Waverly Progress Report

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