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Alert Iowa Statewide Messaging System

Alert Iowa is a statewide mass notification and emergency messaging system. The system can be used by state and local authorities to quickly disseminate emergency information to residents in counties that utilize the system. The system is available, free of charge, to all counties, however, they are not required to use the system. Only 9 of Iowa’s 99 counties have not signed up to use Alert Iowa.

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Alert Iowa will allow citizens to sign up for the types of alerts they would like to receive. The best way to receive messages is via text message. Messages may contain photo, video and audio attachments to help subscribers better understand the situation at hand, or where to find additional information.

Are you part of the network yet?

Sign up for the alerts you want to receive. Messages can be delivered via landline or wireless phone, text messaging, email, TDD/TTY, and social media.

Alert iowa Counties

The Iowa county map below shows the counties that have signed up to join the Alert Iowa system. Citizens will be able to sign up to receive alerts on the county’s registration page. If you choose, you may sign up to receive alerts in multiple counties.

Map of Alert Iowa Counties
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What are Wireless Emergency Alerts?

Wireless emergency alerts (WEAs) are used to send concise, text-like messages to WEA-capable mobile devices during emergency situations. WEAs are sent by state and local public safety officials, the National Weather Service, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and the President of the United States. View Wireless Emergency Alerts introduction in PDF format. There are three types of alerts, as listed below.


Alerts are issued by the President or a designee during a national emergency.

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Imminent Threat

Alerts are issued when an imminent threat to life or property exists in your area, including man-made or natural disasters such as flash floods and tornadoes.

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Alerts are issued to help law enforcement search for and locate an abducted child.


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