This page is for listing various requests for bids, information, proposals, and quotations from qualified vendors who wish to do business with Iowa Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

Vendors who wish to do business with HSEMD in an area that has not been solicited here should contact the Iowa Department of Adminstrative Services (DAS) to learn how to do so. All vendors contacting HSEMD with unsolicited proposals will be referred to DAS.

Disaster Resource Procurement: Qualified Vendor List

HSEMD has created a Qualified Vendor List to help identify available resources in the event of an emergency. Any vendor who would like to be considered as a resource during an emergency/disaster, should complete and submit the online form. Vendors will be expected to provide these resources with tax-exemption and expedited delivery. The list is available to all State and local agencies responding to an emergency via the State Emergency Operations Center. This is different than normal procurement procedures and is NOT a request for quotation.