Gov. Kim Reynolds has issued a disaster proclamation for Fremont, Harrison, Mills, Monona, and Pottawattamie Counties in response to the impending flooding in Western Iowa.  

The governor's proclamation allows state resources to be utilized to prepare for, respond to, and recover from the effects of severe weather and temporarily suspends provisions or allows for the following during the duration of the proclamation: 

  • Temporarily suspends the regulatory provisions of Iowa Admin. Code 11-53.11(3) prohibiting pay to those State of Iowa employees for hours worked in excess of 40 hours per workweek while present in the State’s Emergency Operations Center or otherwise engaged in assigned disaster response missions or other activities.  
  • Temporarily suspends the regulatory provisions of Iowa Code Chapter 8A, Iowa Code Β§ 313.10, Iowa Admin. Code chapters 11-117, 11-118 requiring the Iowa Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, the Iowa Department of Transportation, the Iowa Department of Public Safety, the Iowa Department of Health and Human Services, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources and other state agencies involved in the response to this disaster emergency to procure goods and services through a competitive selection process.  
  • Temporarily suspends the regulatory provisions of Iowa Code Β§ 321.449 pertaining to hours of service for disaster repair crews and drivers delivering goods and services while responding to disaster sites during the duration of this disaster, subject to conditions listed in Iowa Code Β§ 321.449. 
  • Temporarily suspends regulatory provisions of the Iowa Code that pertain to procurement of goods and services, hours of service for disaster repair crews, and various requirements for the transportation of loads related to disaster repairs.  
  • Allows vehicles transporting corn, soybeans, hay, straw, silage, stover, fertilizer (dry, liquid, and gas), and manure (dry and liquid) to be overweight (not exceeding 90,000 pounds gross weight) without a permit for the duration of this proclamation.  This proclamation applies to loads transported on all highways within Iowa (excluding the interstate system) and those which do not exceed a maximum of 90,000 pounds gross weight, do not exceed the maximum axle weight limit determined under the non-primary highway maximum gross weight table in Iowa Code Β§ 321.463 (6) (a) and (b), by more than 12.5 percent, do not exceed the legal maximum axle weight limit of 20,000 pounds, and comply with posted limits on roads and bridges.