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Iowa Individual Disaster Assistance Grant Program (IIAGP)

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Counties with Active Proclamations

The IIAGP and DCA programs are activated when the Governor issues a disaster proclamation turning on IIAGP and DCA for the affected counties.

Date of Proclamation County(ies) Included Purpose IIAGP–Deadline to Apply  DCA–Deadline to Apply Link to Proclamation
August 9, 2023 Des Moines August 4 severe weather September 25, 2023 February 5, 2024 Proclamation
August 6, 2023 Lee, Sioux August 4 severe weather September 20, 2023 February 2, 2024 Proclamation
July 6, 2023 Union June 29 severe weather August 21, 2023 January 2, 2024 Proclamation
July 5, 2023 Appanoose, Davis, Lucas, and Monroe June 29 severe weather August 21, 2023 January 1, 2024 Proclamation
July 1, 2023 Ringgold June 29 severe weather August 15, 2023 December 28, 2023 Proclamation
June 30, 2023 Jefferson, Lee, and Wapello June 29 severe weather August 14, 2023 December 27, 2023 Proclamation
May 29, 2023 Scott May 28 partial building collapse July 13, 2023 November 25, 2023 Proclamation
May 16, 2023 Pocahontas May 12 severe weather June 30, 2023 November 12, 2023 Proclamation
May 10, 2023 Marshall May 7 severe weather June 24, 2023 November 8, 2023 Proclamation
May 9, 2023 Story May 7 severe weather June 23, 2023 November 7, 2023 Proclamation
May 8, 2023 Benton, Iowa, Jasper, Muscatine, and Poweshiek May 7 severe weather June 22, 2023 November 6, 2023 Proclamation
April 28, 2023 Allamakee, Muscatine Mississippi River flooding June 12, 2023 October 5, 2023 Proclamation
April 25, 2023 Clayton, Clinton, Dubuque, Jackson, and Scott Mississippi River flooding June 9, 2023 October 23, 2023 Proclamation
April 4, 2023 Appanoose, Davis, Iowa, Jackson, Lucas, Marion, Monroe, and Warren March 31 severe weather May 22, 2023 October 2, 2023 Proclamation
April 1, 2023 Cedar, Clinton, Delaware, Des Moines, Dubuque. Grundy, Johnson, Keokuk, Linn, Mahaska, Wapello and Washington March 31 severe weather May 16, 2023 September 28, 2023 Proclamation

Iowa Individual Disaster Assistance Grant Program (IIAGP)

IIAGP offers grants to families whose household’s annual income is at 200% or less of the federal poverty level . Each eligible household may receive up to $5,000 for items that qualify under one of the four categories: temporary housing, food assistance, personal property, and home repair. Supporting documentation is required.

The IIAGP is activated when the Governor issues a disaster proclamation turning on IIAGP for the affected counties. Applicants have 45 days from the date of the Governor’s proclamation to apply. Check the Counties with Active Proclamations section for IIAGP deadlines. If a presidential disaster declaration for Individual Assistance is issued for a county for the same event, the IIAGP is automatically turned off for that county and the federal program goes into effect.

Fill out the application online by clicking on the button below.

The application may also be downloaded in PDF format and printed. Applications can then be turned in to a local Community Action Agency. Go to to find your local agency.


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IIAGP — Eligible Households

  • Annual household income is at or less than 200% of the Federal Poverty Level
  • Household members are citizens or legally residing in the United States
  • Household’s primary and occupied residence is in the county indicated in the disaster proclamation
  • The household has disaster related needs not fully covered by insurance and not met by another assistance program
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IIAGP — Items to Submit

  • Copy of lease, if renting
  • Photo identification (for all adults in the household)
  • Proof of legal residency in the U.S. (license, birth certificate, passport, green card, social security card, etc.)
  • Proof of income (pay stubs, W-2, tax return, social security, retirement income, etc.)
  • Insurance documentation
  • Photos of damages
  • If requesting assistance with vehicle repair, proof of vehicle registration and insurance (liability as a minimum)
IIAGP--What to do: File a claim with your insurance company + Apply for the IIAGP within the 45-day application period + Collect documentation if required for your filing + Be responsive to requests for documentation

Disaster Case Advocacy (DCA)

Disaster Case Advocacy is a supportive program involving a partnership between a disaster-impacted household and a disaster case advocate. Disaster case advocates walk beside households through the disaster recovery process. They serve as a primary point of contact assisting households in coordinating necessary services and resources to address the household’s complex disaster recovery needs. In this partnership, advocates and households assess the family’s disaster-related unmet needs, build a recovery plan, and access available resources.

Disaster-related unmet needs are those things households need to recover from the disaster. Examples may include navigating through insurance, financial resources, and application processes; locating housing options, advocating and supporting through the rebuild process; may also include basic and immediate needs such as food, clothing, shelter or first aid, and long term needs such as financial, physical, emotional or spiritual well-being.

Contact your local Community Action Agency to sign up for Disaster Case Advocacy.

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DCA — Eligible Households

  • No income restrictions
  • Household’s primary and occupied residence is in the county indicated in the disaster proclamation
  • Household has disaster related needs that represent a burden that the family is unable to resolve
  • Household members are citizens or legally residing in the United States
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DCA — Benefits

  • No cost
  • Single point of contact to connect with resources
  • Advocate for the household’s needs, removing barriers to recovery
  • Household plays a lead role in their disaster recovery
DCA--What to do: Request a disaster case advocate + Partner to assess your disaster-related unmet needs + Develop a Disaster Recovery Plan + Connect with resources & accomplish the plan goals

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