Schedule of Classes

EMPD-Emergency Mgmt Program Development Session #1
Seats Remaining: 5
This course is delivered in 4-sessions which provides a comprehensive overview of the statutory requirements & professional duties of today's emergency manager.

MGT440 Enhanced Sports & Special Events Incident Mgmt
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This 3-day course focuses on incident management, crowd & evacuation mgmt. and risk mgmt. Helps prepare for the response to a large-scale incident during sporting or special events.

All-Hazards Communications Unit Leader (COML)
Seats Remaining: 9
This 3-day course is designed to familiarize professional with the roles and responsibilities for a Communication Unit Leader (COML) under NIMS/ICS. A facilitated lecture as well as hands-on exercises to explain the processes used to

AWR 213 Critial Infrastructure Security & Resilience Awareness
Seats Remaining: 13
This 1-day course will introduce participants to the key terms, policy, guidance, and preparedness efforts required to safeguard the nation's critical infrastructure.

MGT 414 Advanced Critical Infrastructure Protection
Seats Remaining: 14
This 1-day course will enhance skills to manage the risk associated with critical infrastructure protection efforts. Participants will be able to increase infrastructure owner/operator participation in jurisdictional planning, organi

MGT 310 Juristictional THIRA
Seats Remaining: 16
This 2-day course will prepare participants to conduct a jurisdictional Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (THIRA).

MGT 315 Critical Asset Risk Mgmt
Seats Remaining: 21
This 2-day course will learn how threats, vulnerabilities and consequences determine risk. Participants will practice conducting a vulnerability assessment, identify potential mitigation measures and develop a risk assessment report.

ICS Forms Review w/ICS 300-Intermediate
Seats Remaining: 1
This 2.5-day course provides training and resources for personnel who has a responsibility to function in a command post in managing an expanding incident. An introduction to the development of an Incident Action Plan (IAP) and inter

G 775 EOC Management and Operations
Seats Remaining: 20
This 2-day course describes the role, design, and functions of Emergency Operations Centers and their relationships as components of a multi-agency coordination system.  This course is part of the Advanced Professional Series.

G 202 Debris Mgmt Planning for State-Tribal-Local Officials
Seats Remaining: 19
This 3-day course is designed for successfully plan for, respond to and manage debris operations resulting from debris generating event.

PER 334 Wide Area Serch in Disasters
Seats Remaining: 14
This 1.5-day course will draw information from a variety of disaster incidents (tornadoes, floods, man-made events). Hands-on training will be used to demonstrate best practices for safe and effective search and light rescue in both

ICS 400 - Advanced
Seats Remaining: 18
This 2-day course is recommend to all command and general staff  in the response field take ICS-400

EMPD-Emergency Mgmt Program Development Session #2
Seats Remaining: 29
This course is delivered in 4-sessions which provides a comprehensive overview of the statutory requirements & professional duties of today's emergency manager.

AWR 147 Rail Car Incident Response
Seats Remaining: 30
This 8-hr awareness-level course is designed to increase the knowledge of first responders in recognizing and characterizing the different types of rail cars, potential leaks, and courses of action to be taken based on initial site a

If you encounter any problems with registering contact Beth Lewis at or 515-725-3204.