Records Request Policy


Our Policy

It is the policy of the Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management Department (HSEMD) to provide requested records in a timely manner.

Copying Costs

HSEMD will provide 10 copies free of charge per request. Additional copies will be 10 cents per page.

Administrative Work Costs

The first three hours of associated administrative work will be provided free of charge. Administrative work is charged at pro rata salary rate of the person who is performing the work.

Administrative work includes:

  • Locating records
  • Screening records to redact any information that is not public
  • Review of work to ensure it has been properly screened prior to release
  • Copying of records
  • Electronic preparation of records, including formatting, compiling, and saving as PDF documents

Cost Estimates and Payment

An estimate of costs associated with a records request will be provided to the requester. The requester may be required to submit an advance deposit of the expected fee before any work is performed.

Checks should be made out to the Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management Department.

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